Asian Sales Development

Market Penetration/Adaption

Penetration and adaption are always no.1 priority for any innovation to ever become a mainstream product or a well-known brand.

VentureFace can help you access the market with the right aim by forming and executing creative strategies.

Awareness/Sales Development

Awareness and sales is the chicken-and-egg dilemma new companies need to solve.

VentureFace is experienced on creating initial incremental sales with little awareness and use that to generate more awareness and sales, and eventually form a growh engine for conitunous growth.

Channel Management

We understand that you want incremental and continous traction. Good channel management done by experienced channel managers is the way to make this happen.

After sucessfully penetrating the market, VentureFace diligently works on improving final sell out so continous growth can be ensured.


Market Readiness

Going into market requires a lot more than having your product packaged and functioning, such as trading terms, importing/export and logistics.

VentureFace works side by sides with you to identify the prerequistie and make sure you fit the bill before the official targeted markets.

Select the Right Markets

In Asia, every market is unique with its own language and culture. Usually, your product is naturally more compatible with some markets than others.

VentureFace has experiences and methodology to help you discover the Product Market Fit (PMF) and select right markets in the shortest time possible.


In retailing, 5P strategy(Product, Package, Promotion, Place and Price)is the keystone of any product to succeed.

With comprehensive and diverse knowledge of each sector, the VentureFace's team is capable of coming out a 5P plan that is suitable for your company situation and workable for penetrating the market.


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