We believe in innovation just as much as brands/startups do.

We are living in a world of hyper competition and innovation overload, where it’s tougher for innovative companies to find a breach in the consumer market and sustainable pattern of success and the market is totally overwhelmed by new products/services every day. Pains and inefficiency arise from both ends.
For new brands/ startups, the cost of acquiring actual market share and users is extremely high nowadays. For the market (distributors/retailers/consumers), not only the cost of selecting the next thing is higher, but also it’s much more difficult to make its business profitable by simply depending on several key innovations due to the lifecycle of brands and products are much shorter today than 20th century.

Your Consultant & BD Partner

VentureFace is founded to solve these pains by providing end-to-end bridging and business development services.

For new brands/ startups, VentureFace
helps nurture and commercialise the innovation. For the market, VentureFace is the best and ultimate marketing partner who has both the source of innovation and the market knowledge to realize the innovation’s commercial values.



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